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St. Vincent De Paul Society


The purpose of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) is the personal sanctification of its members through acts of charity.


The Society quietly and discretely aids friends/neighbors in need (anyone, regardless of economic status), in our community.


SVdP can help with food, clothing, household items, all for free, as well as potentially helping our neighbors in need with minor rent assistance, utility assistance (water bill, electric bill, gas bill, etc...), and other assistance, as long as the need is not hundreds of dollars or more.


Every 3rd Sunday of the month, a second collection at Mass helps support SVDP efforts.


If you are in need (or know of someone in need) please contact our Help Line number (573-271-7004), come by the St. Vincent de Paul Pantry (320 Jefferson Street) or use our online Request for Assistance form. 


St. Vincent de Paul Pantry is open Thursdays, 9am-11am for full service (including food boxes and hygiene items. If there is a 5th Thursday of a month, the store is closed.

President: ???

Vice President: Joan Siebert

Treasurer: Janet Dunlap

Secretary: Rowena Wehner

Spiritual Advisor: Jeannie Basler

St. Vincent de Paul Help Line: 573-271-7004

If you are located in the 12477 Village Drive Trailer Court on Breeze Hill, or any location North/Northwest of Village Drive and US Highway 61, please contact our sister St. Vincent de Paul Society Conference (St. Agnes) in Bloomsdale:



St. Vincent de Paul Help Line: (573) 483-9364

40 St. Agnes Drive

Bloomsdale, Missouri 63627

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