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The purpose of the Altar Society is caring for the altars, changing altar cloths and altar linens, dusting and cleaning the sanctuary and sacristy.  Anyone is welcome who is interested in keeping our altars beautiful.

Contact: Iris Vincent - 573-883-2622

ANNUAL CATHOLIC APPEAL - Annual Archdiocesan Fund Drive                  

Our parish participates and contributes in the annual fund raising effort to support Catholic educational, social, and health services in the Archdiocese.  

Chairpersons: Betty Seibel, Iris Vincent, Mary Lou Dunlap


This ministry provides Christmas gifts for families, seniors, and singles who might not otherwise have a Christmas.


After applications are received, gift tags are made to match the applicant's requests. Parishioners take a tag off the tree and return it with the gift.  The gifts are then distributed which provides Christmas for many families.

Contact: Carol Armbruster - 573-883-3941



This group plans and implements any changes in the interior of the church as well as seasonal decorations.  They are always looking for new members.

Contact:  Cindy Shuh - 573-760-2459



DUST BUSTERS - The purpose of the Dust Busters is to be of assistance in the parish upkeep.


This group provides for the dusting and general cleaning of the entrances and the large area of the church building.


The group is formed into 4 teams and each team has scheduled dust mopping dates during the year.


They welcome volunteers. Their Patron Saint is Saint Anne, the Patron Saint for grandmothers, homemakers, and housekeepers.  

Contact: Joyce White - 573-883-5259                     


MONEY COUNTER - These individuals count the Sunday and Holyday Collections.  They begin after the 8:30 Mass.

Contact: Rowena Wehner - 573-535-4376                                              

PRAYER CHAIN - Volunteers pray for the needs of parishioners and their families. Participants are notified of requests by phone.  

Contact: Charlene Rancilio - 573-483-9455 or Lila Grither - 573-883-5318                               

PRAYER GROUP - This group meets every Wednesday from 3:15-4:15 p.m. They pray the rosary or the Divine Mercy Chaplet, do the Way of the Cross, read scripture, and pray for the needs of our Parish and for Priests throughout the world.

Contact: Linda Harrell - 573-883-3363                                                                    

QUILTERS - The quilters are a group of parishioners who socialize and donate their time and talents while creating beautiful quilts for the annual parish picnic.  They welcome anyone - no experience necessary; they will be happy to teach you.  Money earned from the quilts goes to the parish for the benefit of the parish family. They invite you to come alone or bring a friend to quilt (one hour or all day) at the Parish Center Quilting Room any Monday or Thursday or any time that the Parish Center is open.

Contact: Stella Mueller - 573-883-2317 or Joyce White 573-883-5259                    


SCRIPTURE STUDY - Would you like to know more about the Word? Would you like to understand Scripture more fully? If so, this bible class may be just what you are looking for. Please join us every Tuesday morning from 9-10 a.m. at the Parish Center.

Contact: Adele Uding - 573-883-2642                                                                

VISITING THE HOMEBOUND - The parish priests and lay people go out weekly to visit and bring Communion to the homebound.  

Contact: Deann Huck - 573-883-2731                                        

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