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(added 6/18/2021)

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Latin Masses (added Sunday, May 30th, 2021)

There will be no Latin Masses at Ste. Genevieve Catholic Church until further notice.


With thanksgiving to Almighty God and gratitude to His Excellency, Archbishop Rozanski, we announce the appointment of newly ordained priest, Fr. Mitchell Baer, as our new associate pastor.

Please pray for Fr. Baer and his five classmates who were ordained to the priesthood this morning! We look forward to Fr. Baer's arrival on June 29th!

(added Sunday, May 30th, 2021)



                                                                                     Letters from Father Nemeth                                                                                 

Date: 02/07/2021


Date: 01/17/2021


Dear Parish Family,

A few months ago, I was diagnosed with two herniated discs in my neck. I have been dealing with ongoing pain and numbness in my left arm and shoulder since early-August, which has led to many sleepless nights and a lot of ibuprofen! I will be having surgery to fuse my c5/c6 and c6/c7 vertebrae on December 30th, remaining in the hospital overnight. The neurologist told me I should expect immediate relief from the pain and numbness, but a few weeks of hoarse voice and sore throat from the incision. I will be in a neck brace for 14 days post-surgery and will likely not be allowed to drive during that time, nor lift anything heavier than five pounds. During my recovery time, I will not be able to celebrate Mass nor will I be scheduling any appointments or meetings. E-mail will be the best means of communication until my voice is back to full strength, and I will try to keep up with that as much as possible.


I will be back to celebrate weekend Masses on January 16th& 17th. Daily Mass will resume on Monday January 18th. Should my recovery go very smoothly, I may accelerate the recovery timeline, but I will be prudent in making any decision like that.


The New Year’s Day Mass for the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God will be celebrated at 9:00am by Fr. Kris Teater. Visiting priests, with whom we are familiar, will be covering Masses the weekend of January 2nd & 3rd (Fr. Jason Schumer and Fr. Ryan Weber) and January 9th & 10th (Fr. Michael Rozier S.J.).


The first Saturday Traditional Latin Mass is cancelled but the first Sunday Traditional Latin Mass will still be celebrated by Fr. Weber.


I appreciate your understanding and patience during this time. I also appreciate the well-wishes and the concern you all have shown as I prepare for this. I look forward to being back at full strength soon, and being able to celebrate Mass with two fully-functional arms! Say a prayer for the doctors and nurses and for a not very patient, patient!


Fr. Nemeth

Date: 12/29/2020