Liturgical Ministries

Greeters, Ushers, & Lectors/Commentators

Greeters:  As the first contact for our parishioners and visitors who arrive at Mass, our greeters are responsible for ensuring that all feel welcome.

Ushers:  Charged with welcoming and greeting our parishioners and visitors.  Additional responsibilities include: making sure collection baskets are in place, the gifts are placed on the table, bulletins are stacked in place, & assisting elderly and disabled.  Ushers also pass out bulletins after mass as they bid our parishioners farewell. 

Lectors/Commentators:  Parishioners dedicated to proclaiming "The Word" and are able to stand before a group and read well are invited to be Lectors & Commentators.  Open to any parishioner 8th grade and older.

If interested in participating in any of these ministries, please contact the parish center


Deann Huck

(573) 883-2731